Company of the Year Competition 2017

YES! The Company of the Year Competition is already over and we had two incredible days! We want to thank everyone who made this event possible. 25 fantastic mini-companies made the jury's decision-making very hard. You were awesome!

Here are the results:

COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2017: SmartBottle, Kantonsschule Hottingen 
2nd Place: Cook'easy - YES, Lycée Jean-Piaget 
3rd Place: Diamond LIT, Alte Kantonsschule Aarau

Best Brand Award: Cook'easy - YES, Lycée Jean-Piaget
Best Presentation Award: Cook'easy - YES, Lycée Jean-Piaget 
YES Alumni Digital Award presented by AccentureSmartBottle, Kantonsschule Hottingen 
UBS Most Innovative Product Award: Fruitgetable Bag, Gymnasium FMS WMS Thun 
Swiss Prime Site Best Marketing & Sales Award: Fruitgetable Bag, Gymnasium FMS WMS Thun
IGE IP Management Award: Diamond LIT, Alte Kantonsschule Aarau  YES Media Award: Rassig, Kantonsschule Hottingen 
Audience-Award: Cook'easy - YES, Lycée Jean-Piaget


Partenaires principaux

  • Ubs Sw
  • Swiss Prime Site Sw
  • Die Mobiliar De Sw

YES Partner

  • Avina Sw
    Coop Sw
    Ige Sw
    Swiss Re Sw
  • Rising Tide Sw
    Coop Cultura Sw
    Lionsclub Sw
    Swisslos Sw
  • Accenture Sw
    Axa Winterthur Sw
    Cembra Sw
    Credit Suisse Sw
  • Ey Sw
    Uri Sw
    Pwc Sw
    State Street Sw